WTrucking, Inc.

"Driving Safety Home"

Fleet Safety Award:
  • 2012
  • 2011
  • 2009
  • 2006
WI Truck Driving Championships

Each year we send qualified drivers to the Wisconsin Truck Driving Championships.


3rd Place: Brandon Robinson

Tanker Division


1st Place: Charles Whitlock

Tanker Division


1st Place: Brian Geniesse

Tanker Division

Rookie of the Year: Brian Geniesse


3rd Place: John Barber

Tanker Division


2nd Place: Dave Bauer

Straight Truck Division

President's Safe Driver Club

Established in 1996 by the WI Council of Safety Supervisors, the President’s Safe Driver Club, sets out to recognize professional truck drivers whose employers are members of the WI Motor Carriers Association. Along with living and working in WI or be dispatched from WI and drive atleast 10,000 miles in WI, drivers must have no accidents (on or off duty), and a clean Motor Vehicle Record (on or off duty).

2021 Recipients

12 Years

  • Bruce Bruhn
  • Duane Nerge
11 Years
  • Brandon Robinson
  • Jason Stevens

10 Years

  • Darren De Remer

9 Years

  • Dan Wojcik

7 Years

  • Francisco Perez

6 Years

  • Jose Garcia
  • Patrick Kimble
  • David Johnson

4 Years

  • Adam Helmberger
  • Andrew Scheidegger
  • Jason Fairbanks

2 Years

  • Tom Greenhill
  • James Sorvala
  • Scott Boyd
  • Brad Bunn
  • Brent Delougherty
  • Jeff Haugen
  • Scott Huntington
  • Keith Skluzacek
  • Alex Unger
  • Mark Waters
  • Mike Wischnack

Driving Safety Home

Safety is, and should always be the #1 priority of a trucking company. We take pride in our safety standards, and it shows. The Industry has been moving forward with technology and so have we. From Teletrac to Omnitracs, along with other back office applications, we can help our drivers do the best job they possibly can. Our entire team keeps safety at the forefront.