WTrucking, Inc.

"Driving Safety Home"

Our Mission

To provide customers with the very best in quality service and innovative solutions for their transportation needs. Striving to meet our employee's individual needs and career goals by providing a quality work experience. WW Trucking will continue to recognize employee excellence and participation in the development of the best workplace safety practice and programs.

Our Vision

To provide the highest level of reliable transportation services to our customers. To experience steady continuous growth by building on our strengths as the foundation. To create a culture of teamwork and safety through education and training.

Our Success

Depends on anticipating the current market and continually reinvesting in the future. Waddell-Wojcik Trucking will continue to enhance our competitive advantage through the formation of strategic business partnerships with leaders in the industry: while rewarding our employees for their daily perseverance and creativity, which puts this company in position for future cutting-edge opportunities.

October 2016: Darien, WI Terminal

Northfield, MN Terminal